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Ohio Wolfpack - 20 Years

To the Ohio Wolfpack Nation,

The Ohio Wolfpack is currently celebrating our 20th year and soon we will be entering into the full swing of the Summer Softball Season. Soon we will have another class of 2019 graduates (Soon to be Wolfpack Alumni) ready to walk across the field and enter the world as "women [of] maturity, dedication, loyalty, and greatness". ALL of You have committed many years to your Education and to your Hard Work of becoming GREAT Softball Players & Student Athletes, for that, We wish You the Best of Luck!

Graduation from High School is a deeply gratifying experience and high-point of your year. I just want to take a moment to recognize our graduating Student/Athletes. We are so very Proud of every single one of you!

Graduating marks the end of another academic and athletic year, the 20th in the history of The Ohio Wolfpack Organization. What remains constant throughout our history is the manner in which our Coaches have integrated skill development, learning, hard work, FUN and an environment in which our Student / Athletes will be able to think on their own and become instrumental in the world in which we live.

Like all organizations, The Ohio Wolfpack must continue to change, to evolve as the softball world demands. What will NOT change, however, is our Mission, our Vision, our Organizational Goals, and our Foundational Principles as long as I am the President of the Ohio Wolfpack!

As we continue to get closer to the start of the summer season, we have great expectations for our Teams. We wish our 2019 Graduates many blessings and with energy and enthusiasm about the path ahead.

I would like invite you to see all that is happening and has happened in the past 20 years of the Ohio Wolfpack by visiting

God Bless, Jamie Wolff President of the Ohio Wolfpack

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