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The Original "Pack"

The girls who started it all... Way back in the Fall of 1999



"W" inning - It is about putting in the time to become the best that you can be. The Wolfpack was founded in 1999 on that predication, and since have developed a tremendous history of providing the best available fundamental instruction, quality competition and exposure for young student/athletes.

"O" rganization - The Wolfpack Organization teaches its student/athletes the value of maintaining a positive outlook at all times, as well as encouraging consistent support for ALL teams that wear the Wolfpack name.

"L" ove - The love of the game is what separates the average from the elite. You must be willing to sacrifice time, energy, sweat, and tears to become a great softball player and a great person.

"F" undamentals - The Wolfpack teaches each member in the Wolfpack complete drills, extensive practice sessions and compete against the best available competition in order to test their abilities.

"P" ride - Wearing the Wolfpack uniform has always carried a value for what it represents. Student/Athletes are taught to learn a sense of accomplishment in learning goals, regardless of the outcome of competition.

"A" ttitude - Sportsmanship and gamesmanship are focal points of The Wolfpack Organization. Student/Athletes are expected to carry themselves with a positive mental outlook and respect all participants in the game of softball. This carries to off-field activities and all team functions.

"C" ommitment - When you decide to become a Wolfpack member you understand the commitment that you will put in to making yourself into an outstanding softball player and citizen.

"K" nowledge - All Wolfpack members are taught all aspects of the game of softball and the rules, as well as the techniques for dealing with other participants in the game.

Founder & President


Director of Operations








We believe the purpose of The Ohio Wolfpack Organization is to recognize each person or student/athlete, as an unique individual, coming to us with varying aspirations, abilities, interests, and needs. We respect the rights, privileges, and differences of each person or student/athlete, and try to provide the finest possible skill development, for each of them. We attempt to provide our young people or student/athletes with opportunities to develop socially, intellectually, emotionally, and physically, in addition to developing all of the basic fundamental skills needed to compete in softball. We believe The Ohio Wolfpack Organization, working cooperatively and continuously with community members and private instructors, is entrusted with the responsibility for the growth of every young person or student/athlete. TOGETHER, we must work to develop each young person or student/athlete, a personal feeling of well-being and self worth, if each is to evolve into a well-adjusted and well-skilled, contributing member of society.

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