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Wolfpack 16u - Dudek | Scenic City Showcase | 3rd PLACE | 2018

Proud of my Wolfpack Girls! They are a TEAM in every aspect! We normally would play the Laser Nation Tournament but with how the tourneys lined up this year decided to take a trip to Nooga to get out of the state and play different competition at Scenic City Showcase. We got what we asked for. Played against some of the most respected organizations across the country. Finished 3rd of 98 teams from 18 different states.

More importantly than W’s is to watch them support each other thru ups and downs. To watch them lay it on the line for each other! Make plays I haven’t seen made before. Be resilient with there bats and never give up. They love and trust each other! This is what it’s about. I’m honored to have the opportunity to be around them!

Thank you girls for another excellent experience!

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